What Instagram Trends to Follow and What to Avoid to Get More IG Comments

Utilizing any modicum of social media platform requires some basic knowledge on how to beat the stinking algorithm. While AI technology can certainly be helpful, it seems as though we’re always working to beat the system. 

That’s the case with Insta, just as it is with other platforms. You have to learn:

  • what to follow along with;
  • what to avoid to drive your success;
  • what your measure of success is as well. 

Do you want to get more IG followers? Perhaps you just want some views. Of course, Instagram comments are a huge driving force, and that’s what we’re focusing on today. We’ve got all the tips to help you follow the latest trends. We’ve also got some tips to help you understand certain actions to avoid. 

Trending Away Tips

Objects and ideas in IG trends are constantly changing. If you don’t manage to understand and stay in accordance with them, you can easily fall behind. If your efforts are converted to achieve a higher Insta comment level, here are a few trending techniques to consider. 

Did Someone Say Purchase? 

We will let you in on a little secret. Tons of Instagrammers out there are purchasing real IG comments, likes, views, and more. It’s one way to beat the algorithm or simply to enhance visibility on a certain creation. Consider this a great maneuver for traction in action.  As long as you choose a company that gives you authentic comments, you can’t go wrong. The ability to purchase real custom comments for Instagram is one trend that could be beneficial in a lot of different ways. 

These sites allow a user to determine the best package, and you might just be surprised at how affordable and reliable the service really is. Always look out for companies that offer a guarantee and make sure anything you buy is going to be real when it happens. 

Be an Inspiration

Everyone is looking for an inspirational pull. Individuals want to laugh, they want to be able to associate with a statement, and they want encouragement. There is inspiration out there to go with literally any type of topic or Insta content. 

For example, if you perhaps want to address people being kind to each other, you could share this quote from Ronald A Harris, “The world we have created has problems that cannot be resolved by the rich getting richer. But by sharing, we can overcome the problems” as comments under their posts. 

There are terms and ideologies like these to be found anywhere. Take a quote, credit it to some sort of author, and make it pleasing to the visuals. Resources like Canva and other photo editing apps allow you to make templates, and you can add just about anything or create your own style instead. 

Live it Up

The ability to partake in live streaming concepts on Instagram is nothing new. However, it’s often forgotten now that IG reels have become so prominent. That being said, this is still a huge trending factor to consider taking advantage of. 

The thing is, the pandemic has really driven resources like these back to the forefront. It’s one way to visually connect with people and to do so on a more personal level than a 5-second reel or a quick story play. 

With Instagram getting rid of IGTV, this will be an option that we see coming back to the top trends on the platform. Consider it a fun way to relate to audience members and to get your information out there. They will give you comments back as a part of your communication. Now, people would much rather watch than read, so tap into the source and put forth content people want to see

Reeling it In

We all have seen Tik-Tok take the world by storm. Because of that, other platforms have been forced to systematically produce their own similar selections. Instagram’s version is reels, which is a short and sweet snippet. 

When you do really great, you will reel people in. Because the end goal is to compete with that other platform (it’s a dirty word for IG), Insta has hardcore pushed their algorithm towards reels. You want to utilize a variety of functions, but if you refuse to create reels, you’re going to get lost in nowhere land and get no comments. 

We’re all guilty of spending minutes… or hours… scrolling through reel after reel. Don’t deny it. You could be one of those! And it’s a surefire way to boost your presence on Insta. 

Actions to Avoid

Just as there are great trends to follow and test out, there are also actionable items that you might be better pressed to avoid. Here, we will share a few specific concepts that you likely should avoid to make sure you get the most Instagram comments imaginable. 

Ignore Captions

Did you even know that Insta has this unique caption piece that you can use on any post? It’s pretty cool. It basically allows you to give your post a caption or a heading. In some ways, it categorizes the post you make. 

The thing is, you are sharing images on Insta, and it might be captivating, but without a caption, it may never get seen. Statistically speaking, the captioned images and posts tend to get more activity overall. This includes transition to followers, IG comments, and more. 

The caption can be quick and simple, but it’s a leading piece that all too often is completely ignored. Looking to enhance comment activity? Trying captioning things going forward and seeing how much this assists in the numbers. 

Caution Those Hashtags

Don’t get us wrong. Using hashtags is very important on Instagram. It’s a big driving factor. But what people should avoid is just using random tags that are fairly pointless. Insta allows you to post up to 30 different IG hashtags with any post. 

It’s not required to post any and certainly not required to post them all. But it is highly recommended to post some. That being said, take your time to choose those wisely. If you can get 5 or 10 really awesome and relevant tags, this is the way to go. 

It’s also ok to add in 2-3 generic or popular tags, but just don’t overdo it. The key here is to be seen and get some comments, not to be a nuisance. Here are some of the most popular tags in 2022 for your inspiration: 

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #fashion
  • #photooftheday
  • #art
  • #beautiful 

Ignore User Interaction

You know what’s a terrible thing to do? Ignore people who take the time to talk to you. Now, it’s quite likely you will get a bunch of mindless replies. However, you will also get many sincere Instagram comments. 

Don’t ignore them! Take the time to respond, even if all you do is to heart that reply. Take the time to answer to some of them, particularly the ones that ask questions or say something relevant to the post. When you do reply, we recommend tagging the person you are responding to in the comment. 

This builds relationships, which is key. It also adds additional comment numbers, which will help with total visibility on the IG spectrum. It’s a win-win. 


Finally, while you can totally review and research other people to get inspiration and ideas, you should never just copy them. Instagram and its users really appreciate authenticity. This means they want something original and unique from you

If you do specifically want to repost something from a user, it’s imperative to be sure you tag them and credit them. This shares valuable content, and it opens a spectrum of additional people to potentially see your Insta post. 

Otherwise, keep everything you create original and make it uniquely your own. 


Instagram is one really awesome platform with a lot of specs and fun for the people who want to put in the work. Gathering IG comments might require a tad of finesse on your part. As long as you are genuine and follow the basic tips, you are far more likely to experience success. 

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